Diet, Exercise and Phentermine- A Complete Package for Weight Loss

During recent years the number of people suffering from disorders like anorexia and bulimia has increased dramatically. This is because a number of people choose unhealthy ways for losing weight like taboo dieting. You can consult a physician for diet pills, but it does not seem a very cost effective solution when you have options like Phentermine pills for weight loss. These pills are extremely effective but the medication takes time to show results.

However there are ways through which you can accelerate the process of weight loss. Here is a look at some simple ways which can help you in quickly attaining your weight-loss goal.


The first and the most important thing is to follow low fat and high protein diet. Contrary to the normal perception, low fat diet does not aim at draining the useful energy. But the purpose of dieting is to shred excessive fat without decreasing the energy level.

As diet pills contain appetite suppressants, therefore you should take high protein diet while taking Phentermine pills. Protein intake will maintain the energy level of your body and you will not feel dizzy. Moreover, with protein diet and Phentermine you can reduce the calorie intake per day.

You can also rely on fresh vegetable and citrus fruits to keep your body healthy and active. Increased metabolic activities also increase the amount of toxins in the human body. You should drink a lot of water while taking Phentermine pills to flush these harmful toxins out of the body. However, you should avoid following food:

• Snacks- Snacking is not recommended during weight loss treatment. Snacks like popcorn, fries contain a lot of calories per serving.

• Starchy food- You must maintain low sugar levels in order to attain weight loss goal. Therefore you should avoid root vegetables (carrot, beet) which conation a lot of starch.

• Dry fruits- Most of the dry fruits contain high amount of calories.

There is a perception that over the counter weight loss medicines like Phentermine pills can cause health problems like increased heart rate, blood pressure, which is not true. These pills increase the metabolic rate more than usual and the human body takes time in adjusting to these changes. However physical exercise can help you in improving your heart rate and stamina.
Phentermine pills also increase the energy level so you can make the most of weight loss medicine through regular exercising.

What should you keep in mind?

There are certain considerations which you must keep in mind while taking Phentermine pills for weight loss:

• Although Phentermine is an over the counter medicine, but it is as effective as prescribed pills for weight loss. These pills have no side effects but if you are already on a drug, you should consult a physician before starting Phentermine treatment.

• Although dosage of Phentermine pills vary with the potency and age of the user, but if you have any health issues like cardiovascular disease, asthma etc. you should seek medical assistance from a licensed practitioner.

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